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Creating an Effective Learning Environment

Creating an Effective Learning Environment

written by on the topic of Education on February, 2007

To cultivate the most effective learning environment, it is imperative that the home, church and school all work together. If a child sees inconsistency in the church, it can make the parents’ job much more difficult. If a child sees inconsistency in the home, it can harm his spiritual and academic life. But when parents support the spiritual and academic goals of the school and church, it helps in every way.

Being critical of authority makes it easy for a child to develop the attitude that he can pick and choose what he will obey. Children watch and imitate every little thing that we do. I had the privilege to grow up in a home where I cannot remember one negative thing that my parents ever said about the pastor, the church or the school. Though we may not always agree with every decision, rule or policy, our children will be better off not hearing our objections.

Proverbs 1:7 says,

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.

Our foundation for learning begins at church. At times, parents come to church just long enough for their children to get a Christian education and then quit. More often than not, those students do not remain faithful in church. It seems that the children somehow learn the attitude that a church-centered life is not important.

At North Valley, we are making efforts to provide our faculty with ongoing professional training. We’re doing our best to create an excellent learning environment here. Academic enrichment programs and tutorial programs are now available during the school year. Our Honor Society is helping underline the importance of academics to all students.

Ideally, the home, the church, and the school should all work together to reach our goal of a well-educated student who is prepared to serve the Lord with his life.

About the Author

Dan Azzarello is the principal of the North Valley Baptist Schools and hosts the Annual Christian Educators' Seminar held in January. He also has authored Exceeding Expectations.

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