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How Is Your Summer Stewardship

How Is Your Summer Stewardship?

written by on the topic of Finances on August, 2007

It is hard to believe that the summer is coming to a close. With this in mind, I would like to challenge us to reflect on our stewardship over the summer months.

Unfortunately, all across America church offerings decline during the summer months. The main culprit for such a decline is the atmosphere that summer brings. This time of year is the most used season for family and personal vacations. According to a recent survey completed by Visa, in which 1,000 cardholders were polled, it was discovered that, on average, American card holders will spend $1,654 on a summer vacation this year. The survey showed that 15% of the respondents were not taking a vacation, while 4% of those polled will spend over $5,000 for their summer vacation.

With statistics such as these, could it be that God’s people are taking from their tithes and offerings to provide themselves with leisure? Hard working individuals certainly deserve a family vacation, but should it be at the expense of tithes and offerings?

In retrospect, have you “shortchanged” God for your time of rest and relaxation during this summer? May God’s people never be guilty of using that which is rightfully God’s in the pursuit of pleasure.

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Fred Slye is the Business Manager at North Valley Baptist Church.

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