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Lifting the Hands of the Man of God

Lifting the Hands of the Man of God

written by on the topic of Ministry Helps on November, 2008

For the children of Israel, Moses was the man of God. He was the leader. He was the authority. God had chosen Moses to lead His people out of Egypt. God used Moses in a powerful way. Moses risked his life in order to lead the children of Israel out of Egypt. Moses spent his life leading, serving, and protecting the people of God.

Exodus 17 reveals some remarkable truths concerning the man of God. In this passage, God’s people were attacked by the Amalekites. Moses commanded Joshua to select men that would fight against Amalek. Moses took Aaron and Hur to the top of the hill where they could observe the battle. Joshua and the army fought that day on the battlefield, but that is not where the battle was decided. As long as Moses held up his hands, the children of Israel prevailed. When he lowered his hands, the enemy prevailed. Moses was growing weary; his hands were tired, and he was unable to keep them up by himself. He needed someone to lift up his arms. Aaron and Hur were used mightily by God to hold up Moses’ hands and ensure a great victory for God’s people.

God could have won the victory without Moses. God could have won the victory without Joshua and the army. He could have won the victory without Aaron and Hur. However, God chose to use all of these people in a particular way. Everyone was important that day, but Aaron and Hur were instrumental in winning the victory as they upheld the hands of the man of God.

In our churches, we need people like Aaron and Hur that will encourage the man of God. Moses was one of the greatest leaders that ever lived, yet he became weary and needed someone to lift his arms.

How much more could we accomplish for the cause of Christ if we would get a renewed vision to encourage our preacher? Aaron and Hur were instrumental in winning the victory as they upheld the hands of the man of God.We have some great men of God in our country, but every pastor needs an Aaron and Hur that will stand by him. Saul had “a band of men whose hearts God had touched” (I Samuel 10:26). David had some mighty men that fought beside him. If your pastor were to make a list of the people that encourage him and lift his arms, would your name be on that list?

When we murmur, complain, and criticize, we are only adding weights to the load that he is carrying. Instead of adding to his burden, consider just a few ways that you can lift the arms of your preacher.

  • Write him a note of encouragement.
  • Pray for him, and let him know that you are praying for him.
  • Express your love and appreciation for your pastor and his family.
  • Remember his birthday, anniversary, and other special days.
  • Be loyal.
  • Don’t miss a service.
  • Be excited. Say “amen.”
  • Shake his hand after every service.
  • Bring others to the house of God.
  • Give to the Lord’s work.

What are you doing to encourage God’s man today? Anything you do to help him helps you, but it is also true that anything you do to hurt him hurts you. Let us resolve, like Aaron and Hur, to lift up the hands of the man of God.

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