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New Members - Manuel and Angela Reyes

New Members – Manuel and Angela Reyes

written by on the topic of New Member Spotlight on September, 2008

New Member Profile: Manuel and Angela Reyes were saved on Tuesday, April 22, 2008. They have been faithfully attending North Valley ever since.

Please tell us a little about your salvation testimony: We didn’t know much about North Valley before our children were invited by Maria to ride the bus that comes in our area. Our children got saved the second weekend they attended. We then got a phone call for permission to have them baptized. We wanted to see them baptized, so we went to the church that Sunday to watch. That day, we filled out a visitor card. We had three couples come to our home on three seperate Tuesday nights. A couple of those times, both of us weren’t home at the same time. We can remember praying that God would give us a church that we could call home. All the other churches we had been to were not very inviting to new people. The fourth couple that came to our home was Brad and Julie Boruff. They showed us the plan of salvation, and we were saved that Tuesday night on April 22, 2008. The very next Sunday morning service, on April 27, we were baptized.

Who invited you to attend NVBC:
Maria Nunez

What does our church mean to you? The church means everything to us. It is our rock, our foundation. We have been to multiple churches in our area and have not found one so inviting where the members are so helpful. Pastor Trieber is so amazing in the way he preaches and cares for his people. He is truly a man of God. We learn so much every time we hear him in the services. We don’t know where we would be without North Valley Baptist Church.

Anniversary: Feb. 23, 2002
Children: Manuel, Jr., 15; Alyssa, 10; Christian, 4
Favorite Bible Verse: Mark 16:15
Hometown: San Jose, CA
Favorite Church Song: “Thank You, Lord”

Any other information you would like to include: We truly appreciate everyone at church! Everyone has been so welcoming! The positive attitudes and smiling faces reassure us that North Valley Baptist Church will be our home for many years to come. Thank you, Brad and Julie Boruff, for all the support you have given us. You truly are God sent. From soul winning to being better Christians, your wisdom and guidance is a blessing.

About the Author

Alvin Martinez is an Assistant Pastor at North Valley Baptist Church. He teaches the Lifeline Bible Class. He is a tremendous soloist and recently released a CD entitled I Stand Redeemed.

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