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Preparing Your Teens for Bible College

Preparing Your Teens for Bible College

written by on the topic of Ministry Helps on December, 2008

Bible college prepares teens for the ministry, but who prepares teens for Bible college? The answer is you. As a pastor, youth director, or youth worker, you have the incredible opportunity of preparing your teens for Bible college. Of course, we are not just training teens to go to Bible college—we are also training teens to serve the Lord. Bible college is not the entirety of a young person’s training. Rather, it is just the final step before our young people go out into the ministry. If our teens are going to be successful in Bible college, we must prepare them now.

Example – A young man who wants to play professional basketball does not wait until he goes to college to start preparing for the NBA. By the time the young man goes to college, he has had several coaches throughout junior high In teaching and training our young people, we have to start where they are. From this point, it should be our goal to take them to the next level. and high school who have prepared him to play college ball. Once he gets to college, he already knows the game and how to play the game. He knows how to dribble, pass, rebound, defend, shoot, etc. His college coach does not teach him how to play basketball; the coach helps him to take his game to the next level.

There are two basic parts in preparing teens for Bible college – teaching and training. We must teach our teens, but then we must train them to do what they have been taught.

1) Teach teens the Bible.

  • Devotions – They must read the Bible for themselves.
  • Doctrine – Teens need sound, Bible teaching. Sunday school is a great time to teach them God’s Word.
  • Dating – This will help them immensely in Bible college. Teach your young people about purity and appropriateness in dating relationships.
  • Dress – Teach your young people what the Bible says about dressing modestly and appropriately. They may forget our standards, but they will remember God’s standards.
  • Decisions – Decisions in the life of a teen are vitally important. The choices he makes today will affect him for the rest of his life.

2) Teach teens the basics.

  • Character – Teens must learn how to work hard and pay their bills. Teach them to be dependable. Teach your young people neatness and cleanliness. Help them with organizational skills.
  • Christian life – Prepare your teens by teaching them about Bible reading, prayer, worship, and singing. Teach them about kindness, courtesy, and respect. A Sunday school class or a teen hour would be an excellent opportunity to instruct them in these areas.
  • Church – Teens should be involved in the ministry. Teach them how to lead a person Christ, work on a bus route, and help in a junior church service. Keep your teens around red-hot preaching.

3) Teach teens to go beyond the average. The basics are great, but the basics are just the foundation. Our youth groups are full of average young people with the potential to go above and beyond. We must help them reach their potential for Christ.

  • Academics – Teach your teens to focus on their school work.
  • Appearance – Christian young people ought to look sharp.
  • Amusements – Your teens need to know what is wrong with worldly music, movies, dances, etc.
  • Attitude – This may be one of the most important areas in the life of your teens. A good attitude is paramount.
  • Accomplishments – If a person doesn’t set a goal, he will never reach it.
  • Authority (parents, pastor, president, professors) – Young people should have a good relationship with their mother and father. They need to listen to and learn from their authorities.
  • Acquaintances – A teen’s friends will make or break him. Also teach your teens how to get along with others.
  • Activities – Keep your teens busy. Use youth activities to build relationships with your teens. · Accountability – Keep your teens accountable.

4) Teach teens to have a broken heart. If a young person has a broken heart, it will be much easier for him to get right if he gets away from God. If a young person will listen to you, his parents, his pastor, and the Holy Spirit, he can be helped.

  • Scriptures – Read the Bible expecting God to speak to you.
  • Supplication – Walk with God in prayer. Expect answers to prayer.
  • Souls – Go soul winning desiring to see souls saved.
  • Surrender to God’s will – Be open to the Holy Spirit.
  • Service – Don’t get over the thrill of serving God.

5) Teach teens about Bible college. Take time to talk to your teens about Bible college. Give them some specifics to look for in a college. Take your teens on college trips.

  • Pulpit – What is the church like?
  • Philosophy – What is the direction?
  • Program – How is the music program, the missions program, the education program, etc.?
  • People – What are the staff and faculty members like?
  • Product – What are the graduates doing?
  • Purpose – What will the college prepare them to do?
  • Pitfalls – What are some dangers they will face in Bible college?

In teaching and training our young people, we have to start where they are. From this point, it should be our goal to take them to the next level.

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  1. Fiaavae Fiaavae

    Nov 27, 2012

    This article had me thinking about the teens on my bus rout and some of the next steps I should take to encourage and bring young teens to serving God.


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