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written by on the topic of Education, Family on August, 2008

In I Timothy 4:13, Paul instructed Timothy to “give attendance to reading.” God has designed reading to do something in the mind and heart of man that nothing else can do. God certainly could have given us His Word through sky writings, smoke signals, or video clips; but He chose the medium of the written word. People who are not good readers and people who neglect reading are seldom students of the Scripture as they should be.

Parents are wise to encourage their children to read; and with young children, it is extremely important for parents to read books to them. When the parent reads to his child, the child begins to understand that reading is important; and children learn a great deal about reading just by seeing it done.

People who are not good readers and people who neglect reading are seldom students of the Scripture as they should be.

Some years ago, Attorney David Gibbs, Jr. spoke with my youngest son; and he noted that many people are poor readers because their mental “picture machine” is broken. Sadly, many people have become so video and television dependent that when they read, nothing much happens in their minds. Their imaginations have been dulled. Nothing prevents this as well as early reading during childhood. Students of all ages should be encouraged to read, especially in light of I Timothy 4:13.

In the eighth chapter of Nehemiah, the Bible speaks of the public reading of the Law; and Nehemiah 8:8 gives a very important idea about reading: “So they read in the book in the law of God distinctly, and gave the sense, and caused them to understand the reading.” Here, we find that the Bible was read; and those who read it “gave the sense.” In other words, they made sure that everyone understood what was read. Some people amazingly have the ability to pronounce words without giving much thought to what those words mean. Wise parents will ask good questions to ensure that their children are both reading and understanding what they are reading.

Life is full of activities, and the typical churchgoing family has much to do. But in the hustle and bustle of it all, don’t forget to read!

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