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The Handwriting on the Wall

The Handwriting on the Wall

written by on the topic of Education on January, 2008

In Daniel 5, Belshazzar witnessed the fingers of a man’s hand writing a message on the wall of the palace. This was a clear and pronounced message of God’s judgment on Belshazzar and the nation of Babylon.

At Golden State, the ‘handwriting on the wall’ is the Great Commission.

Every student that has ever attended Golden State Baptist College has also witnessed “handwriting on the wall.” This writing is not a message of judgment, but rather it is the clear and pronounced command of our Lord Jesus Christ. At Golden State, the “handwriting on the wall” is the Great Commission. Since opening day on September 2, 1996, the front wall of our college chapel has clearly stated our purpose – “Go Ye into All the World.”

The years that our students spend here training for the ministry are vitally important. It is important to receive the training, but it is more important that our students use their training. The purpose of GSBC is being carried out in the lives of our graduates! They have gone “into all the world,” and they are preaching “the gospel to every creature.”

Our graduates are serving as pastors, assistant pastors, youth pastors, missionaries, Christian school teachers, song leaders, choir directors, and just about every area of ministry that you could imagine. Regardless of their title or geographic location, our graduates are striving to fulfill “the handwriting on the wall.” While they attended GSBC, our graduates saw it every day on the wall of the chapel; now they are fulfilling that in their daily lives.

When you think about Golden State, please pray for the wonderful students that are training for the ministry, but also pray for our graduates who are faithfully serving in the ministry.

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