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The Perfect Gift

The Perfect Gift

written by on the topic of Finances on December, 2008

As we approach Christmas we often seek to come up with ideas of how we can purchase the “perfect gift” for those whom we hold dear. Each year we search through stores, catalogs and even online for this ever-elusive “perfect gift.” Some years we seem to come up empty and find what we consider only an “acceptable” gift rather than a “perfect” gift. This year, we face the added challenge of the current economy and the spending restraints that go along with it.

Many are asking themselves, “How I can get that “perfect gift” for that special someone?” Maybe the question we need to be asking ourselves instead is “What truly is the perfect gift?” The Bible gives us the best example of the “perfect gift” when God “gave his only begotten Son.” The “perfect gift” of all gifts, was God giving Himself. Rather than seeking to purchase the “perfect gift” this year, let’s think of ways we can give of ourselves. There is no greater gift to give than that of our time and devotion to those we love. The fondest Christmas memories I have are not those that involved expensive gifts, but rather time spent with and for others.

As we celebrate the Christmas season, let us cease searching for that elusive expensive gift. Instead, let us give the true “perfect gift.”

About the Author

Fred Slye is the Business Manager at North Valley Baptist Church.

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