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written by on the topic of Personal Development on April, 2009

If you’ve ever tried to get good flights from an incompetent reservationist or good medical advice from an unresponsive physician, you understand how important it can be just to do the ordinary things right. As one English writer aptly noted, “a quiet life is characteristic of great men…no great achievement is possible without persistent work.”

To do ordinary things well for a lifetime is an extraordinary accomplishment. No matter how enticingly we present the Christian life, successful Christianity boils down to doing a few things regularly: prayer, Bible reading, soul winning, church attendance, and giving. Greatness in the Christian life is found in faithfully carrying out these seemingly mundane tasks.

There is no greater excitement than faithfully doing what God has given you to do.

A young man might watch an auto mechanic sort through a maze of pieces and say, “That’s not passionate enough for me. It’s too intricate…too boring. Instead, I want the exciting life of a public speaker.” Once he decides to become a public speaker, he realizes he has a maze of words to sort through as he prepares one speech after another. In a way, finding your life’s calling is simply finding which repetitious details you enjoy working with, and which you are happy to let someone else work with. Every occupation is primarily characterized by being ordinary.

One writer said, “A generation that cannot endure boredom will be a generation of little people.” I certainly don’t recommend trying to live a boring life, but we must recognize that the essence of life consists of responsibilities that don’t necessarily sizzle with pizzazz during our every waking moment.

May the Lord help us all to resist the temptation of believing that everyone else’s job is full of fun and excitement. There is no greater excitement than faithfully doing what God has given you to do.

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