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Interview with Bro. Mike Flint

written by on the topic of Sunday School on February, 2009

Looking back, can you see times in your life that would lead you to believe that God was preparing you for the ministry you have now?
One of my first jobs as a teenager was working in a rest home. Later, during my college years, I worked again in a rest home. I believe God was preparing me to learn how to care for people and not necessarily for a certain group—just people. You cannot help but learn compassion for others in such a setting.

A few of your different responsibilities in the church are to minister to our older members as well as to visit those who are shut-in or in the hospital, young and old alike. You are also a Bible instructor in the college. How do you balance your different ministries?
As I continue to visit our members in these different hospitals, I have found that most major surgeries are begun in the morning hours, around 5:00 or so. Of course, some are begun later; but most of the major ones start early. I do not teach in the college until later in the morning, providing me time to spend in prayer and fellowship with our people.

Where does your class meet?
The Berean Class meets in Room 209 (second level) in the auditorium building at the De la Cruz property. Our classroom is next to the central elevator, giving easy access to those who may need assistance.

What are some of your goals for this class?
Every Sunday school teacher has the goal of teaching his students the Bible. The Berean Bible Class studies God’s Word somewhat differently, that is, one book at a time. A while ago, one of my students requested that we study the book of Revelation, which we did for some time. I usually choose which book we study; but if the class has particular interests in other books, then I try to accommodate those requests.

Another goal of mine is to continually provide opportunities for fellowship. My wife and I plan many different activities—brunches, socials, day and overnight trips, and more—throughout the year to help these people enjoy their “golden years”as much as possible.

One of my personal goals for this class is to mine as much wisdom as I can from these wise men and women. Our generation, now more than ever, needs to glean wisdom from these “golden agers,” who know how to lead successful lives in Christ and how to trust and find grace in Him through times of trials and disappointment as well as in times of victory.

What have you learned while working with our “Golden Agers” that could perhaps help other churches with similar ministries?
You need to find the right person to teach your senior saints. Like anybody else at any age, these older folks need to feel cared for and loved so the responsibilities of a such a teacher go beyond what happens within the classroom walls. Their teacher should enjoy visiting them, whether they are ill or not, and calling them throughout the week just to see how the day is going.

What words of encouragement would you offer to those entering or presently living their “golden years”?
God has a plan for your life. What He wanted you to accomplish at twenty may be different from what He wants you to accomplish now at sixty or seventy; but you are here to fulfill His entire plan, not just part of it. Perhaps His will for you at this point in your life includes being someone’s “hero,” a person who can be followed and held up as an example.

Young people need to see that a marriage can last a lifetime, that a happy family can be theirs, and that serving the Lord is the best ambition in life. They also need to see that even when life does not turn out the way we hope or plan—poor health, the passing away of a loved one, a broken home or marriage, financial reversal—they can still trust in God’s grace and goodness and remain faithful to Him.

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Crissi Hussin works as the Director of Children’s Ministries and Sunday School Administration at North Valley Baptist Church.

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