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Maintain Your Cause

Maintain Your Cause

written by on the topic of Personal Development on September, 2009

I Kings 8:44-60

“People remember how you start and how you finish, but they often forget what you do in between.” While there may be some truth to this statement, “what you do in between” is a reflection of how you started and an indication of where you will finish. “What you do in between” is maintaining your cause.
After hearing Goliath’s defiance of the God of Israel, David asked, “Is there not a cause?” Of course, we know that there is a cause to preach and teach the Word of God. There is a cause to win souls. There is a cause to pray for God’s power. However, the cause doesn’t end after one battle. The cause doesn’t end after a big day. The cause must be maintained.

The word maintain means “to keep up or to carry on.” We must keep up the cause of Christ. It was worth starting, and it will be worth finishing; the cause of Christ is also worth maintaining.

At the dedication of the Temple, Solomon’s prayer was that God would help His people to maintain their cause. This request is found three specific times in I Kings 8:45, 49, and 59. In 2009 we must have the Lord’s help if we are going to maintain our cause. If we are going to see souls saved and lives changed, we must possess the power of Almighty God.

We all understand the importance of maintaining. Every church has a maintenance department. The maintenance department is needed to keep the buildings clean and in good running order. If maintenance is not cared for, the grass does not get cut, the light bulbs do not get replaced, the floors do not get mopped or vacuumed, and the list continues.

How well are you maintaining your cause in your walk with God? In your ministry? In your family? At your work place? Do you know what happens when you maintain your cause like you should? I Kings 8:60 tells us the answer. “That all the people of the earth may know that the Lord is God, and that there is none else.” When we maintain our cause, God is glorified. When God is glorified, we have been successful in fulfilling our purpose.

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