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Missions Conference Guidelines

Missions Conference Guidelines

written by on the topic of Missions on March, 2009

This month’s article will apply mainly to the missionary who is seeking to present his work in a church or to a pastor who hosts missionaries in his church to present their works. Every year in our Missions Conference, the missionaries attending are given a set of guidelines to ensure that the conference runs smoothly without any undue embarrassment to either the missionary or our church. I share these guidelines below with the desire that they will be a help to your ministry.

Conference Guidelines

  1. We may not be able to give you as much time as you feel you need to present your ministry. Please do not be offended if this happens.
  2. If given 15 minutes to speak, please take 14 minutes.
  3. Please do not criticize any preacher or ministry.
  4. If you have needs, do not present it to our church people unless told to do so by Pastor Trieber. You will be more likely to have your needs met by the church if you go to Pastor Trieber first.
  5. Please maintain a good testimony in front of the church members. We would like for our members to hold the ministry and people in the ministry in high esteem. Pastor Trieber often says that missionaries are heroes, and they are.
  6. Please give us a copy of your video or slide presentation in advance so that we can view them before they are shown to the church or college. Imagine how embarrassing it would be for a pastor to have an image shown to his church or music played in a DVD presentation that is contrary to his teaching.
  7. We ask that you stay with your display before and after the services. This enables our people to ask you questions personally regarding your ministry. The people of the church should get to know their missionaries as much as possible. This is one reason we want missionaries to stay for the entire conference.
  8. All of us have burdens, but please do not let it show on your face. We want to portray to people that the ministry is great. Burdens are part of life; however, the people of the church needs to see that we are living on the winning side. The ministry is great!
  9. If taken on for support, please keep us posted on the progress of your ministry. Monthly newsletters should be sent, if at all possible. We don’t want our people to lose touch with our missionaries. Send prayer letters; we take prayer requests from them for our weekly Missions prayer meeting. Prayer for missionaries gives the church people the opportunity to be a vital part of a missionary’s ministry without actually going to the field.
  10. Be careful about promoting organizations or ministries. Of course, you can mention your home church and which college you are from, but please do not try to “sell” our church members on those institutions. This is especially true because North Valley Baptist Church already has the greatest Baptist Bible college in the world–Golden State Baptist College!

About the Author

Tom Apusen is an Assistant Pastor at North Valley Baptist Church. He is the pastor of the Filipino Department, and he heads up the missions, security, and transportation ministries.

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