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Remeber the Moments

written by on the topic of Ladies Only on August, 2009

“We don’t remember days, we remember moments” is the quote stenciled on the wall of the newly constructed loft in my home. This bonus room was a special surprise for me when we arrived home from our trip to the Midwest. My husband had Tim’s old room completely taken out and a beautiful loft built in its place. Was I surprised? Shocked is a more appropriate word. I had such awesome plans for Tim’s old room along with big plans for the present spare bedroom. I had planned a room for the grandkids, a special room that they could call their own. All of that changed when I walked in the door and found that my “spare room” was totally gone! I am embarrassed to say that I didn’t react very well to my husband’s surprise. We spent hours cleaning up the dust and clutter that every remodel job leaves behind and, I might add, they were pretty quiet hours. Now that the room has been completely furnished, complete with beautiful wood flooring, I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying this surprise from my husband.

The quote I mentioned earlier is above several pictures of our family that I call my “memory wall.” As most of you are well aware, family is so important to us. We have had a wonderful time as a family this summer. We began the summer with a road trip to Iowa for Tim and Rebecca’s wedding, followed by a trip to Rockford to celebrate my Dad’s 56th anniversary at the Berean Baptist Church. What a time we had as a family! All eight of the Swanson children home at the same time! Precious memories flood my soul as I think back on those good times. After Pastor and I arrived home and began settling into “just the two of us,” the empty nest syndrome became a reality. The house seemed quiet, and I was very reminiscent about days gone by that had been filled with raising children. Not content to succumb to quietness, we began filling up the hours with bike rides, walks, coffee and tea times around the fire pit in the backyard, and countless hours of family time with the whole gang! We have had cook-outs, campouts, birthday parties, game nights, rides, dinners, friends over and many special times together. As I reflect back over the summer, I think it has been one of the best we have ever enjoyed, empty nest and all! Our home has always been a place of comfort for our children. It is a place where we can kick off our shoes and let down our hair. It’s a place of transparency and vulnerability; a place where we are completely known yet completely loved! It is truly a place called home. Although I will be saying goodbye to the summer of 2009 with a little reluctance, I also look forward to the fall season and all that it brings with it! Decorations for fall will be out by the end of August, and schedules will be in full swing as we open up all of our schools and head into Pastors’ Conference. Every season of the year and every season of life has so much to offer us. As I yield everyday to the Holy Spirit and as I stay connected to Jesus Christ, I stay connected with my family and those I love in a way that is both rewarding and delightful. My relationship to Jesus Christ must stay solid and secure, for then and only then am I really able enjoy every season of life.

I trust that your summer has been as wonderful as mine. If it has not, ask the Lord to help you in the next season of the year, which is fall, to make it one of unforgettable memories for you and your loved ones! You will be so glad you did!

Until next month,
Mrs. T

About the Author

Cindie Trieber has served the people of our ministry for more than three decades as the Pastor’s Wife. She teaches in the college and is a godly mother and “Nana." She recently completed her first book entitled With All My Heart.

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