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Teacher Training Checklist

Teacher Training Checklist

written by on the topic of Education on November, 2009

Can you imagine paying over $100 for a ticket to a professional football game only to watch in disbelief as the teams take the gridiron in a disorderly fashion, wearing uniforms that do not match on a field that is not lined properly? To your dismay, the coaches are not present, half the lights are out due to poor maintenance, and it becomes quite evident as the game progresses that the athletes are not in shape and are mindlessly wandering the field. Absolutely not! You would not pay $5, let alone $100, to attend such a fiasco. How can something like this occur? The answer is quite simple: lack of preparation and training.

Allow me to put an educational spin on the above illustration. Would you pay to send your child to a school where chaos and disorder run rampant, the facilities are not maintained, and the teachers are in the break room instead of in their classrooms? Would you continue to pay if, as the semester progresses, it is apparent that the teaching abilities of your child’s teachers have taken a lengthy sabbatical—even though the teacher is physically present? We respond that we certainly would not, but the truth is that many parents do continue to pay for just such nonsense because they do not want their children in a godless environment.

You would never find the opening paragraph to be true because those involved are professionals; however, the second paragraph is far more believable and unfortunately tolerated. Why – lack of preparation and training.

Please take a moment to honestly complete this personal preparation and student training check-up.

1. How much time did you spend on average preparing for each course that you taught last week?

  • A. 5 minutes or less
  • B. 5 – 10 minutes
  • C. 10 minutes or more

2. How often do you start class or a meeting late?

  • A. Often
  • B. Occasionally
  • C. Rarely

3. How would you describe your office’s/classroom’s appearance right now?

  • A. Disorderly
  • B. Clean but could be better
  • C. Ready for inspection

4. How would you describe your school’s appearance right now?

  • A. Disorderly
  • B. Clean but could be better
  • C. Ready for inspection

5. Do you know your students’ academic strengths and weaknesses?

  • A. Not really
  • B. I’m working on it
  • C. Yes

6. How well would your students perform if they were tested by another teacher using your notes?

  • A. Disastrous! I’m the only one that knows how to test my students.
  • B. I have never really thought about it.
  • C. Bring on the challenge.

7. What best describes your daily purpose as an educator?

  • A. I want my students to pass the next test.
  • B. I want my students to pass my class.
  • C. I want my students to succeed in life.

8. What word best describes your methods of discipline for your students?

  • A. Tirades
  • B. Sporadic
  • C. Consistent

9. How often do you communicate with the parents of your students?

  • A. They call me; I don’t call them.
  • B. When a problem arises
  • C. Consistently for negative, preventative, and positive items

10. What are your thoughts with regard to professional growth?

  • A. Experience is all the growth I need.
  • B. I know I should continue learning, but I do not have the time.
  • C. I am actively learning and growing in my profession.

To calculate your score:

  • A = 1
  • B = 2
  • C = 3


  • 10-15 – You are answering honestly, but you are in need of an overhaul in the areas of preparing for your class and training your students. If you don’t like the results, do your part to begin fixing these items today.
  • 16-24 – You are a good teacher, but with a little more discipline you can improve your weaknesses and build upon your strengths to be a great teacher.
  • 25-30 – In the areas of preparation and training, you are a great educator and an inspiration to all.

Regardless of your score, none of us has arrived. Those of you who are looking for ways to improve in the areas of preparation and training, please read part two of this article in next month’s issue.

About the Author

Dan Azzarello is the principal of the North Valley Baptist Schools and hosts the Annual Christian Educators' Seminar held in January. He also has authored Exceeding Expectations.

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