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Dropbox – Ministry Tech Tip

written by on the topic of Ministry Helps on December, 2010

We are living in an exciting time. Modern technology has enabled us to advance the Gospel in ways our forefathers could have never imagined. What an opportunity! It is the desire of North Valley Baptist Church to leverage technology with the intention of bringing glory to God. With that in mind, we would like to introduce “Tech Tips,” articles to highlight free tools that have proven to be an incredible asset to our own staff and media team. We are confident that these tools will be a help to increase productivity and creativity, no matter what your place of ministry may be.

File sharing and collaboration have become vital in the work of the ministry. Whether you and your fellow laborers collaborate on Word documents, share PDFs, or track proofs for artwork, transferring files from one computer to another can create quite a bottleneck. Many dismiss the idea of networked file sharing because they lack the resources. But, what if cost were not a factor? What if it were possible to have a centralized location to access and share important files from anywhere, at anytime, for free. All this is possible with a program called Dropbox, an easy and effective way to share, backup, and synchronize files on your computer. Our media team has incorporated Dropbox into its workflow simply because of the program’s effectiveness, simplicity, and cost.

Dropbox is free to download at Upon creating an account, you will receive 2GB of free storage space. Installing the application creates a Dropbox folder on your computer. Simply drag any file of any size to your newly created Dropbox folder, and the file will be immediately synchronized to your internet-based Dropbox account. For example, if you need to share a recently typed Word document, you simply save your document to your Dropbox folder. After saving, the typed document will then be instantly available to every computer and mobile device you have linked to that account. It is as if you went to each computer or device and

individually made the changes. Dropbox gives you the freedom to work anywhere, and always have access to the files you need.

Sharing is where Dropbox shines. Instantly share folders within your Dropbox account to interface with ease. Simply log into your account online at and click the “Share a folder” button.

My Dropbox

After the first dialog box appears, select the folder you wish to share and click “Next.”

Another dialogue box will then appear, allowing you to choose the collaborators for your folder. Simply enter the email address of the person(s) with whom you wish to share your folder, then click the “Share folder” button. Invitations will automatically be emailed to the receipts you have listed.

Folder Share

Another amazing feature of Dropbox is sending large files, otherwise impossible with email or extremely problematic with FTP. Inside your Dropbox folder, a subfolder named “Public” is automatically created. Drag the file you wish to share into the “Public” folder. Once uploaded, right click the file, move the cursor over the Dropbox selection, and click “Copy Public Link.” The copied link can be pasted directly into any email for your recipient to download the file.

Public Link

Technology should be utilized to increase a ministry’s productivity, not cripple it. Dropbox takes the difficulty out of file sharing and storage at an amazing price—free. Visit to take a look at even more outstanding features. If Dropbox has been a help to you or your ministry, we would love to hear from you.

Watch for more featured Tech Tips in the coming editions of the North Valley News.

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