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How Does Bible College Help You Live for God for a Lifetime

How Does Bible College Help You Live for God for a Lifetime?

written by on the topic of Teens on October, 2010

“From that time many of his disciples went back, and walked no more with him. Then said Jesus unto the twelve, Will ye also go away? Then Simon Peter answered him, Lord, to whom shall we go? thou hast the words of eternal life” (John 6:66-68).

If you don’t go to Bible college, where will you go? Unfortunately, many Christian young people graduate from high school and completely drop out of church. In many cases, Bible college is necessary to put you on a course to live a life for God.

So, how does Bible college help you live for God for a lifetime?

1) Routine
Young people need structure and discipline. If you are going to live for God in your late teens and twenties, you must have a schedule. That schedule must include attending church, reading your Bible, praying, going soul winning, serving God, etc. Our flesh resists structure. We like to do whatever we feel like doing, when we feel like doing it. However, life is about routine. The Christian life consists of getting up every day and doing what you are supposed to do.

At Bible college, you will have a schedule that must be followed. You must attend class. You must attend chapel. You must attend church. You must go to work. By the way, when you develop a relationship with the Lord, you will find that you love doing what you are supposed to do. You won’t just do it because you have to; you’ll do it because you want to.

2) Rules
Believe it or not, there will be rules at Bible college. If you want to be successful in life, you will have to learn to obey the rules. WalMart has rules. McDonald’s has rules. Everywhere you go in life, there will be rules. Every young person needs authority and accountability in his life.

In Bible college, there will be rules about making your bed, cleaning your room, going to bed on time, etc. If you cannot obey human authority, you will have a difficult time obeying God and His Word. Being obedient is necessary to being a good Christian.

3) Relationships
Bible college is a place where you will meet lifelong friends. This is a place where you potentially could meet your future husband or wife. Is everyone at Bible college perfect? Of course not. However, at Bible college you have the opportunity to meet people who are saved, separated, and seeking God’s will for their future. You don’t find a lot of friends like this at the community college, in the military, or at the workplace.

The friendships that you develop in your teens and twenties will greatly influence your direction and your future. If you want to be living for God tomorrow, choose the right friends today.

4) Role Models
Whether we realize it or not, we all have people that we want to emulate. In some cases, our role models are television personalities, athletes, co-workers, etc. If you want to live for God for a lifetime, you must have role models that are living for God for a lifetime. At Golden State Baptist College, students have the opportunity to be influenced by men of God such as Jack Trieber and many others. Our students have the privilege every week to sit under men like Mike Ray, Tim Ruhl, and other area pastors that teach at Golden State. Our students also have the opportunity to meet great pastors, evangelists, and missionaries throughout the year.

5) Revival
The Christian life is the greatest life in the whole world, but many times we act as if it is torture to live for God. If you are going to live for God for a lifetime, you must have some excitement, enthusiasm, and joy in your life. There must be a fire burning in your heart to do something great for God. Many young people experience this during a week of camp or youth conference. However, often this experience is short-lived.

At Golden State Baptist College and North Valley Baptist Church, we strive to have a spirit of revival in our classes, our chapel, our ministries, our church services, our singing, our preaching, and every aspect of the ministry. Bro. Trieber’s passion is revival. Our hymnbooks are appropriately named Songs & Hymns of Revival. Bro. Trieber’s daily radio broadcast is called “Revival Time.” We believe that revival is the answer.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our churches all around the world could experience revival? They could experience revival if the young people of this generation would not be content with lukewarm Christianity. If you could experience revival in your life, you could be instrumental in spreading that revival to someone else.

What about it, young person? Consider today whether Bible college could be the answer you are looking for today to help you live for God for a lifetime.

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  1. Jessica De Leon

    Feb 13, 2011

    Great article, Bro. Kobernat! Really encouraged me. I am super excited to attend GSBC this Fall 2011.

  2. William

    Dec 7, 2011

    Great article! Going to help me write a paper giving reasons why all high school graduates should attend Bible college. thank You

    • Jeremy Kobernat

      Dec 7, 2011

      William, Thank you for your kind words. I’d enjoy reading your paper when you are finished. I’m sure it will be good. Have a great day!


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