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Sunday School Words to Live By

written by on the topic of Sunday School on October, 2010

Being a Sunday school teacher is a wonderful privilege. The opportunity to influence lives and help people is an honor.

There are some ingredients that I believe are necessary in a Sunday school class if it is going to have life and grow.

Here are Words to Live By for the Sunday school class.

  1. Activities
    a. Activities help build a bond between teacher and students.
    b. Activities help the students to see that the teacher is for real.
    c. Sunday school cannot be all work and no play.
    d. Activities help the teacher see where the students are spiritually.
    e. Activities create lasting memories.
  2. Big Days
    a. Big Days are a great way to get new prospects for the Sunday school.
    b. Big Days are an opportunity to reach people that the teacher would not normally be able to reach. Every student has a sphere of influence that the teacher does not have.
    c. Big Days build excitement for souls.
    d. A Big Day is one way to increase regular Sunday attendance.
  3. Delegate
    a. Delegation rees the teacher to do more for the Sunday school class.
    b. Delegation gets students involved in the Sunday school class.
    c. Delegation helps develop leaders from among those who serve.
  4. Follow-Up
    a. Make every effort to get contact information for visitors in your Sunday school class.
    b. Assign class members to follow up on the visitors. The teacher should not be the only one following up.
  5. Keep in Touch
    a. Take roll every Sunday.
    b. Systematically visit every member of your Sunday school class.
    c. Remember your students’ special days.
  6. Minister
    a. Visit your students when they are hospitalized.
    b. Attend or conduct funerals for your students and their loved ones.
    c. Devise a variety of ways to serve your students.
  7. Pray
    a. Encourage your students to call you with prayer requests.
    b. Tell them you are praying for them.
  8. Soul Winning
    a. Encourage students to be soul winners by your example.
    b. Train the students to be soul winners by taking them out soul winning with you.
    c. Keep the matter of winning souls to Christ before them often.
    d. Tell the students of soul winning experiences you have had.
    e. Go soul winning together as a class.
  9. Teach
    a. Teach on subjects that speak to your heart. If the lesson does not stir you, it will not stir your students.
    b. Teach on topics that help students grow as Christians.
    c. Teach practical truths – lessons that your students can apply to their own lives as Christians.
    d. Pray about what to teach.

May God bless you as you teach those students entrusted to you. Do not take this responsibility lightly. It is wonderful to be a Sunday school teacher!

Tom Apusen

About the Author

Tom Apusen is an Assistant Pastor at North Valley Baptist Church. He is the pastor of the Filipino Department, and he heads up the missions, security, and transportation ministries.

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