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Tips for the First-Time Teacher – Part 12

written by on the topic of Sunday School on October, 2010

32. Have on hand extra supplies, materials, and forms on special church days such as ministry-wide Big Days, holiday weekends, the first Sunday after school resumes, etc. Depending on the type of Sunday, you might have a greater number of first-time visitors or guests than you would on a regular Sunday. For example, generally speaking, the Christmas season allows time for some families to enjoy the holidays with grandpas and grandmas across the country; however, if grandpa and grandma are members of your church, then those families will travel to you, meaning a possible influx of students in your class.

Extra supplies, materials, and forms to have on hand would include the following: refreshments and prizes, materials for projects and handouts, nametags, class bulletins and song sheets, significant incident forms, visitor or enrollment cards, decision cards, and baptism permission cards. Perhaps you already have a file folder of the cards and forms with you every Sunday; if you do not, consider keeping one and requesting additional copies from the church office in anticipation of these Sundays or as needed.

On a somewhat related note, consider also being prepared for last-minute additions. Emergency situations do arise; perhaps the Sunday school teacher in the room beside you was unexpectedly pulled out of class to take care of an urgent matter. Now, you are asked to teach not only your students but also the 10-15 students next door. The task might seem daunting, but keep calm and welcome the students as if you had expected them to join you. Fake it until you make it, I think the saying goes.

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Crissi Hussin works as the Director of Children’s Ministries and Sunday School Administration at North Valley Baptist Church.

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