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Training for Life

Training for Life

written by on the topic of Education on January, 2010

Perhaps one of the most grotesque oversights our schools face today is the lack of preparation and training on behalf of our students and our faculty. The principals wrongly assume that the teachers are teaching, and the teachers are assuming that their students are learning without ever assessing their progress. If every teacher were prepared to teach, and every student were prepared to learn, how much different would our schools be?

Basic logic tells us that preparation for each class takes time; if you do not schedule the time to prepare, you won’t be prepared. If you are a teacher who lacks adequate class preparation, it probably is not a laziness issue as much as it is a time management issue. There are hundreds of books written on time management, but not every book has a method that is right for you. Find a regimen, or schedule, that will work for you and stick with it! Set aside time each day to prepare for your classes. Preparation alone will not fix every problem you have as a teacher, but it will definitely help. To be prepared, to manage your time properly, requires discipline or training on your part. How disciplined are you to succeed in this area?

It is the principal’s job to prepare his teachers and the teachers’ job to prepare their students; however, without proper training, this will not occur. Weekly teacher training is vital to the success of your school. Professionals require ongoing training; four years of college does not prepare you for everything you will encounter as a teacher, nor will it teach you how to teach every student.

When you became an educator, you chose a profession for life.

Training does not just happen; it takes time and discipline. The main excuse that is given for why continuous training does not occur is the incorrect notion that, “There is not much to learn; you either know it or you don’t.” While I do believe that there are teachers who can be dubbed naturals, I do not believe even the naturals have arrived and have no more room for growth. Another reason why continuous training does not occur is a lack of guidance for professional growth. If you find yourself in this situation, please send me an email; I would be happy to point you in the right direction.

In summary, preparation and training is a choice that you have to make. Without these ingredients, you will not be a great teacher, let alone a good one. If you are not willing to make the sacrifices necessary to be a great teacher, seriously consider another profession. God has given us the privilege to train the next generation of Christian leaders. Let’s neither squander our time nor waste our talents.

About the Author

Dan Azzarello is the principal of the North Valley Baptist Schools and hosts the Annual Christian Educators' Seminar held in January. He also has authored Exceeding Expectations.

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