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A New Beginning

A New Beginning

written by on the topic of Articles by Pastor Trieber, Featured on August, 2011

Our Lord has fashioned time in such a manner that we are able to continually start anew, afresh, and again in the journey of life.

For example:

  • A new decade begins every 10 years.
  • A new calendar year begins every 365 days.
  • A new quarter begins every 3 months.
  • A new month begins approximately every 30 days.
  • A new week begins every 7 days.
  • A new day begins every 24 hours.
  • A new hour begins every 60 minutes.

From time to time, we might not achieve what we endeavor to accomplish in a decade, a year, a month, or even a day; but there are ample opportunities to try again, to recalibrate our goals.

The autumn season is now upon us; and with it, we are afforded the perspective of another new beginning. Summer vacations have ended, schools have resumed, and our homes have returned to more structured schedules. It is my prayer that God’s people will use this time of the year, this reboot, to propel their lives, marriages, families, and church work forward.

With these upcoming months in mind, I bring several thoughts to your attention:

  1. Study your calendar. Time-activate important dates and events.
  2. Organize your schedule. Plan at least a week in advance.
  3. Review your schedule at the end of each day. Know what you need to accomplish the next morning.
  4. Establish and time-activate your goals. For example, perhaps you want to complete your Christmas shopping by December 15. You will need to make your list and prepare financially ahead of time.
  5. Make your responsibilities more exciting. Make a day out of various tasks or perhaps reward yourself after completing a project.
  6. Get ahead of the curve. For example, if you want to decorate your house for the fall season, pull or purchase your decorations early.
  7. Review your progress. Are you accomplishing what you set out to do?
  8. Run your schedule. Do not allow your schedule to run you.

These are only a few simple suggestions to assist you as you seek to make your life more productive and enjoyable. I hope that, by reviewing and implementing them, these last months of 2011 will be the best months of your lives. God bless you.

Your friend,
Bro. Trieber

About the Author

Pastor Trieber has served as the pastor of the North Valley Baptist Church since March 1976. He is also the Chancellor of Golden State Baptist College. His latest book is Words to Live By.

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  1. Rich Oakley

    Oct 20, 2011

    Thank you Pastor, very good advice. A new hour, a new day, a new month. I like that perspective.


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