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Big Day 2011

written by on the topic of Miscellaneous on October, 2011

To God be the glory! Hundreds of God’s people labored diligently in preparation for the 2011 Big Day at North Valley Baptist Church. More than 25,000 invitations were distributed in the weeks leading up to this annual event, and God blessed with a great harvest of 4,520 people in attendance. More than 1,000 of these were first-time visitors to our church. There were 660 people who were personally dealt with, trusting Christ as Savior on Sunday and many more who were led to Christ in the streets of our community during Saturday visitation. Our Spanish and Filipino ministries both had great days, with scores of adult visitors. The bus ministries of our church and college reached 2,300. The bus ministry still works! We thank God for all that was accomplished, for His blessing on our efforts, for the lives that were touched, for His people who served, and for the safety that He gave us from beginning to end.

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