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For a Purpose

For a Purpose

written by on the topic of Education on June, 2011

This article was written by Monica Carey. She is the sixth grade teacher at North Valley Baptist Schools.

Recently, an extended family member passed away. For the funeral, relatives gathered from all parts of the country. Many I hadn’t seen since the last family funeral a few years back. Though the circumstances were difficult, it was nice to get reacquainted, and I learned much about the lives of my relatives. I was especially excited though to discover that one of my aunts is a Christian school teacher like me. She has worked with third graders for years, and as a rookie teacher, I was eager to get some pointers from her.

When I asked her for general guidance, I honestly expected her to pour out buckets of experience. That wasn’t what she did. Her only advice was, “God places you with certain people for a purpose.” She went on to say that her school year has been very difficult emotionally. In one day alone, she lost not only her father but also her father-in-law. On the other hand, her year has been great academically. She told me she has never had an easier group of students. In her estimation, God gave her those children to help her through her tough year.

I thought on her words for a long time. She was right. God truly positions each of us educators right where He wants us, gives us the students He wishes us to have, and then uses us as vessels to reach their hearts and minds. Though my aunt didn’t give the advice I hoped for, she provided an immense amount of wisdom I may never forget.

God places us with certain people for a purpose.

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