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The God Of The Old Testament – Part 2

written by on the topic of Bible Studies on December, 2011

Last month we began to examine the characteristics of God as revealed in the Old Testament. There are those who attempt to use the Old Testament Scriptures to paint God in a negative and unfavorable light. It is vitally important that every Christian be able to defend the holiness, justice, and righteousness of God. Let’s discuss five more things to consider as we try to better understand the existence of cruel, harsh, and bloody stories contained in the Scriptures.

The Bible Is Not All-Inclusive
Perhaps one of the most fundamental concepts to embrace in any attempt to understand the Bible is that although God has revealed to man everything He wants us to know, God has not revealed to man everything there is to know. The student of God’s Word must realize that “the secret things belong unto the LORD our God” (Deuteronomy 29:29) and that His ways are higher than ours.
God’s Decides What Is Right And Wrong
The immaterial concept of morality finds its existence in God. Since God is the author of morality He has the right to do what He wills with His own.
Result Of Man’s Sin
Isaiah 45:7 clearly states that God created evil. This evil created by God is not sin but rather adversity and affliction. God has made afflictions to be the fruits of sin. One should not be quick to blame God for what man has caused, created, and deserves.

Men’s Hardness Of Heart
Sometimes God will permit certain actions because of the hardness of man’s heart. In Matthew 19:8 we find that divorce was not part of God’s original intent but is something He tolerated due to man’s calloused heart.
Atheism Presupposes Theism
When an atheist expresses the Old Testament portrayal of God as immoral, evil, or offensive, he is using the Bible’s system of morals. The atheists’ objection is based on parts of the Bible. Take away the Bible and he has nothing to object with. Without the Scriptures, an individual has no authority or standard for right and wrong.

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Lank Oxendine is a full-time professor and the Dean of Men at Golden State Baptist College.

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