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Simple Tips for Church Writing – Part 2

written by on the topic of Ministry Helps on January, 2012

Online Sources for Scripture

A few times each week, I visit or some other website that features the entire text of the King James Bible. I do this to copy entire Scripture passages onto any number of publications. Quite a significant amount of time is saved, especially when the text needed is long and time is short. However, like you, I try to review the finished product with a critical eye, including accuracy of the Scripture cited.

1. Do the words of the copied online text match the words in my Bible?

I realize how funny the question must sound, but I have come across at least two verses in recent months with slight errors in text. Both were from sources set to search the King James Bible only. What I do is compare the online text with my Bible in hand. Few and far between are the instances when they do not match, but perhaps “few and far between” is enough to check each time.

2. Have punctuation and capitalization (even small caps) been preserved?

3. Text provided requires proofing also.

I recently received an article to include in one of our bulletins. Interspersed were Bible verses for support of the main points. The text provided seemed to raise no red flags, and the article had come from a trusted source. However, when a comparison was made between the Scripture cited in the text and the verses in my Bible, the differences seemed to jump from the page. I recall a similar incident with a publication listing the names of Jesus—the text received was different from the wording in the Bible. What a project that was!

I hope these suggestions will be a help to you as you continue writing for the ministry.

About the Author

Crissi Hussin works as the Director of Children’s Ministries and Sunday School Administration at North Valley Baptist Church.

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