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The Most Important Person

written by on the topic of Missions, Personal Development on January, 2012

The Daily Bread, tells the story of a Gospel musician who overheard his son’s conversation with two of his friends. One friend bragged on his father: “My father knows the mayor of our town.” The second said, “My dad knows the governor of the state.” The Christian worker’s son replied, “That’s nothing. My dad knows God.”

The musician was so touched that he quickly ran to another room and fell on his face weeping. He prayed, “O God, I pray that my boy will always be able to say, ‘My dad knows God”

When a Christian fails to do God’s will in any area of life, it goes back to his relationship with God.

When I talk to someone who has either backslidden or is about to make a decision he should not make, I try to figure out what happened, and what he should do. For example, if a young man in our Bible college is going to quit school, I try to see if he is having a problem with his job or if he had a misunderstanding with someone. While we may talk about those subjects, I end up focusing on one. The basic problem is always the individual’s relationship with God.

Missionaries are human beings with all the possibilities of having the wrong attitudes that anyone else can have. For example, it is easy to let money matters get us discouraged. Money problems can cause us to break friendships, become jealous, or even become dishonest. Our relationship with Jesus can keep us from all those wrong attitudes.

In their book on Hudson Taylor, Dr. and Mrs. Howard Taylor, make this comment about Hudson Taylor: “At the Annual Meetings in May 1888, he said, ‘Suppose He should not work in the way He has done, by sending in tens of thousands of pounds. Well, then, we can do without it. We cannot do without Him, but we can do without any “it” in the world. If only we have the Lord, that’s sufficient.”

How right Taylor was! A missionary’s first priority is to walk with God. His primary goal, even in his preaching and teaching, is to guide and move people to the place in their relationship with the Lord that they are filled with the Spirit.

Biographies have always be enjoyable reading for me. Adoniram Judson, William Carey, David Livingstone, James Patton, David Brainerd, Charles Cowman, C.T. Studd, Hudson Taylor, and others I read about all had something in common—they walked with God. Their accomplishments, though great, did not stand out, as did their love for Jesus. This was the most important thing in their life. It should be ours too.

About the Author

Rick Martin has been a missionary to the Philippines for over 35 years. More than 4,000 people attend their church services weekly. Graduates of Iloilo Baptist College have started more than 1,000 churches, 15 colleges, and hundreds Bible institutes.

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