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What is it like to be married to Mrs. Trieber?

What is it like to be married to Mrs. Cindie Trieber?

written by on the topic of Articles by Pastor Trieber, Featured on May, 2012

THANK YOU, READERS! Last month, I had asked you to e-mail Mrs. Trieber about writing a North Valley News article focusing on how wonderful it must be to be married to Bro. Trieber. Your response was amazing! This month, I thought I would turn the tables on myself—“What is it like to be married to Mrs. Trieber?” I could write painful and difficult or use descriptions like nutcase and strange… all of which, however, are furthest from the truth.

Being married to Mrs. Cindie Trieber—40 years on December 23—has been nothing short of incredible! She has been not only a tremendous wife and mother but also an extraordinary blessing to the ministry. Thus, I thought I would list for you many of her attributes, each one having fashioned a truly wonderful life for us.

Please know that these are not in alphabetical order or necessarily in a specific order; yet each one is important to me—

· Mrs. Trieber has been faithful to our Lord, our marriage, our family, and this ministry.
· She’s the world’s best mother.
· She’s the world’s best grandmother (Nana).
· She’s spiritual (wonderful prayer life).
· She’s great with people.
· She’s fun.
· She’s disciplined.
· She’s the best giver I know. If she has a $10 bill, she will give it away.
· She has been health conscious for herself, for our children, and for me (provides nourishing, good meals).
· She’s always taken care of her appearance (weight under control).
· She keeps our home immaculate (daily) and keeps up on all household chores.
· She’s a great decorator.
· She’s wise.
· She has insight. She can read people and situations extremely well.
· She dresses not only in modesty but also in style.
· She’s determined.
· She’s a leader yet a follower.
· She’s musical.
· She’s a great entertainer.
· She’s opinionated but not rude.
· She’s not dull (dull would drive me crazy).
· She doesn’t eat in her car!
· She never goes to bed with dishes in the sink or anything else out of order.
· She always takes time for people (everyone), adults and children alike.
· She’s smart.
· She’s beautiful.
· She’s honest.
· She’s an incredible speaker. She can “out-preach” (out-teach) most men.
· She’s organized—closets, drawers, house, car, schedule, etc.
· She’s feisty.
· She’s social.
· She’s athletic.
· She’s funny.
· She’s thrifty.
· She’s a great counselor.
· She’s an exceptional cook.
· She’s an excellent writer and poet.
· She enjoys work.
· She’s keeps everything clean—house, car, etc.
· She’s tender.
· She’s a people-person.
· She’s perceptive.
· She’s a great example.
· She’s compassionate.
· She’s balanced.
· She’s expressive.
· She lives for others.
· She’s plump. (No, she’s not! She’s the opposite. I thought I would add this to see if you are actually reading this article.)
· She likes to win.
· She’s classy.
· She has a good name.
· She snores. (Again, just threw this in to make sure you are still reading.)
· She’s sentimental.
· She’s forgiving.
· She’s persistent.
· She’s intelligent.
· She’s a multi-tasker.
· She’s sacrificial.
· She lives for her heritage.
· She loves our Lord.
· She’s quiet (not a loud-mouth, gossiping woman).
· She has served in every area of our church these last 36+ years. She’s been the school principal, the church pianist, a secretary, a Sunday school teacher, a bus worker, the junior church “pastor,” a choir member, among many other areas of service. She’s involved in soul winning, youth work, children’s programs, housekeeping, decorating, writing, teaching, counseling, maintenance, etc.
· She has conviction.
· She loves me, our family, my family, and her family.
· She has been bruised, hurt, and neglected many times yet never holds a grudge.
· She’s determined to stay healthy.
· She’s a great reader, especially in the area of health.
· She understands people.
· She’s a working machine.
· She’s a compassionate, direct, no-nonsense counselor to people.
· She’s feminine.
· She’s a first-class lady.
· She’s good at rubbing my back and neck!
· She will abuse me for writing this article. She hates displays like this. Oh well, that’s what makes life interesting with Mrs. Trieber.

Cindie, you’re the best!

About the Author

Pastor Trieber has served as the pastor of the North Valley Baptist Church since March 1976. He is also the Chancellor of Golden State Baptist College. His latest book is Words to Live By.

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  1. Michele(Belus) Thomas

    May 11, 2012

    Mrs. Trieber was such an encouragement to me that first year at GSBC! She taught our Christian Womanhood Class and I knew she lived what she taught! Thank you for being a great example to me Mrs. Trieber!

  2. Renee Ybarra

    May 11, 2012

    I say DITO to it all!! :)

  3. Susan Kish

    Aug 8, 2012

    Mrs. Trieber is everything Pastor Trieber says she is. We were stationed in Mountain View and the Lord led us to this wonderful church and this wonderful couple. She was a tremendous inspiration to me. Thank you Mrs Trieber for your wonderful influence on me.
    Sincerely, Susan Kish

  4. Rebecca Henderson

    Sep 7, 2012

    I’m thinking this list would be a great one for me to print out and place around key areas of my house….so I can be a better wife for my husband!!! I appreciate the testimony she has…it has been a blessing and encouragement to me, personally.

  5. Felicia

    Nov 23, 2012

    Mrs. Trieber is a great teacher of the home. When I moved away, I made sure I didn’t keep nothing on top of my refrigerator. Also, the cabinets under the sink is organized because she taught me that every woman looks under the cabinets when there is a guest in your home.
    Thank you, for teaching me how to keep my home in order.


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