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A Great Start

A Great Start to the New School Year

written by on the topic of Education, Personal Development on July, 2013

With summer vacations winding down and the last moments of “freedom” dwindling, it’s that time of year lauded by parents and loathed by students—back to school.

Our faculty at North Valley Baptist Schools is excited for the upcoming academic year. This month we will relocate our 10,000-volume library to the first floor to make it more accessible for our elementary students. Mrs. Miriam Chung, our 3rd grade teacher, has spent countless hours preparing for the move and creating programs that will further instill a love of reading in our students.

In addition, we are thrilled about the inaugural season of Bulldog football. We will be playing 8-man tackle football in the Mission Trail Athletic League. The major differences between 8-man and 11-man are fewer players on the gridiron and the dimensions of the field. Don’t miss our home opener the first week of October. The full schedule will be released in September.

To ensure a great September you must prepare in August. Here are a few tips to ensure a great start to the new school year.

  1. Purchase supplies early.

    Waiting till the night before school starts will only cause frustration as you won’t be able to find the supplies that your son or daughter needs.

  2. Order your textbooks no later than August 10.

    It is difficult for a student to start the first day or week of school without his books.

  3. Return to a routine.

    Nothing takes us out of our normal schedule quite like the summer months. Get back into the routine that you practice during the school year.

  4. Set realistic goals with your student.

    Don’t expect straight A’s out of your C student. Set attainable goals and let them know that you are there to help them achieve those goals. When bumps come along on the road of learning, let them know that you will stand with the teacher. Students need to learn to take personal responsibility for their actions or inactions. This is not to say that the teacher is infallible, but building up authority and teaching students to accept responsibility are excellent character-building tenets.

  5. This was not an exhaustive and in-depth list but basic enough to get your family off to a wonderful school year.

About the Author

Dan Azzarello is the principal of the North Valley Baptist Schools and hosts the Annual Christian Educators' Seminar held in January. He also has authored Exceeding Expectations.

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