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Fred Slye is the Business Manager at North Valley Baptist Church.


The Unseen Wind

Though your service to God may go unnoticed by mankind, nothing goes unnoticed by our Heavenly Father. The people that fulfill the role of the “unseen wind” on earth will be recognized in heaven as the “lofty sail.”

no limits

No Limits

It is good for government to have limits on their spending. However, Christians must be careful not to put limits upon God.

Faithful Steward

Faithful Stewards

Every Christian has been given the admonition to be faithful in the area of financial stewardship. How are you doing in this area?

New Years Resolution Checkup

New Year’s Resolution Checkup

Are you “keeping the pace” regarding your financial goals now that 2011 is well underway? This lesson will encourage you to do just that.


Living Without Risk

Are you looking for a way to minimize the financial risk in your life? Tithing is one avenue that will secure God’s blessings on your finances.

Fraud and Deception

Fraud and Deception

Fraud and deception have been around since the beginning of time. In fact, we can see an early example of it all the way back in the book of Genesis when we read of the serpent deceiving Eve.

Spend Less and More

Spend Less and More

As we work at spending less money on discretionary items these days, let’s also be willing to spend more in the way of our service toward others.

You Do the Math

You Do the Math

Sometimes things just don’t add up in the Christian life. Who can explain the blessings of God upon those who faithfully tithe?

Convicted to Give

Convicted to Give?

When was the last time that I put that “extra” in the plate when the Holy Spirit was telling me to do so?

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