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A Great Start

A Great Start to the New School Year

To ensure a great September you must prepare in August. Here are a few tips from our school principal to ensure a great start to the new school year.

Compassion in the Classroom

Compassion in the Classroom

The most crucial ingredient missing in our schools today is compassion. We will never truly make a difference until this attribute permeates our classrooms!

Chaos in the classroom

Chaos in the Classroom

What makes the difference between an orderly classroom, where true learning happens and a classroom filled with chaos? Our principal, Dan Azzarello, outlines the necessary ingredients for a teaching environment that every teacher desires.

Stop the Excuses

Stop the Excuses

Teachers must “stop the excuses” in their classrooms that hinder student’s education and growth.

Back to School Revival

Back-to-School Revival

Bro. Kobernat shares several thoughts on how going back to school can help teenagers experience revival in their hearts.


Homework: Inconsequential or Essential

What type of homework do you assign your students? School principal, Dan Azzarello, gives insightful advice on this important subject.

For a Purpose

For a Purpose

God truly positions each of us educators right where He wants us, gives us the students He wishes us to have, and then uses us as vessels to reach their hearts and minds.

Connect the Thoughts

Connect the Thoughts

Are you truly connecting with your students or are you just lecturing them on a daily basis? True connection is the difference between a facilitator and a true teacher who will make a lasting impact.

Training for Life Part 2

Training for Life, Part 2

The preparation of the teacher is vital to the performance of the pupil. Christian school principal, Dan Azzarello, gives great insight into the importance of training the next generation.

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