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They Are Waiting to Hear

There is a life changing truth in Scripture that is neglected by Christians far too often. If we would live with this in mind, it would literally change our lives!

The Cradle of Missions

Jerusalem: The Cradle of Missions

We are living in the prophetic time period in between ascension and the Second Coming of Christ‹both of these events taking place in Jerusalem. Read about the historical and prophetical significance of Jerusalem, as it relates to our commission to reach the world.

Next Generation of Missionaries

The Next Generation of Missionaries

Missions begins well before the missionary sets foot on the mission field. It begins with parents giving their children to the Lord.

The Purpose of Missions

The Purpose of Missions

What exactly is the purpose of missions? In this insightful article, missionary David Sloan explains to us the responsibility of the local church in fulfilling the Great Commission.

Gentiles Place in Missions

The Gentiles’ Place in Missions

Enjoy this incredibly informative and instructional article on the Gentile’s place in world wide evangelism.

Biblical First-Century Missions in the Twent-First Century

Biblical, First-Century Missions in the Twenty-First Century

What is God’s plan to reach the world with gospel? His simple, workable plan is presented to us in the example of the greatest missions church in the Bible, the church in Antioch.

Jesus Can Set the Captive Free

Jesus Can Set the Captive Free

Read the powerful testimony of Mrs. Becky Martin as she shares the impact that prayer can have in the life of a Christian.

Ministering to Your Missionaries

Ministering to Your Missionaries

In this article, a veteran missionary shares some very insightful suggestions for how we can minister to our missionaries around the world.

Ministry Opportunities in the Mission Field

Ministry Opportunities on the Mission Field

Under the umbrella of the local church, there are many opportunities to share the gospel on a daily basis on the mission field. Listed in this article are some proven ideas to help you reach the lost around the world.

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