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Waxing Worse

Waxing Worse and Worse in California

Is California on the verge of collapse? Has God removed His hand of blessing here? This month, Pastor Trieber reports on the eye-opening condition of the state.

Passion for the Ministry

Passion for the Ministry… It’s still there!

Pastor Trieber is more excited to serve God today than he has ever been before! He shares several keys to igniting and keeping your passion for the Lord’s work.

A New Beginning

A New Beginning

The start of a new season brings the opportunity for a new beginning in your life and ministry. Read these tips to make the most of the remainder of 2011!

The Purpose of the Local New Testament Church

The Purpose of the New Testament Local Church

Our purpose, both personally and collectively, is to be a witness for Jesus Christ and seek to win the lost to Him.

A Conference You Dont Want to Miss

A Conference You Don’t Want to Miss

Pastors’ Conference is right around the corner! Read Pastor Trieber’s thoughts regarding this important annual meeting of Christian workers.

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Summer can be a great time in your life and ministry. Read Pastor Trieber’s helpful tips to make the summer months profitable!

Call back2

America – On the Brink of Collapse

Today, I issue a call back to God. A nation is not rescued from ruin by Christians compromising or churches adapting or governments reforming but rather by God’s people turning back to Him.

Attitude Determines Altitude

Attitude Determines Altitude

Whether we face an obstacle or an opportunity, our attitude is so important. Now, more than ever, we need to have great faith in God!

Wishing You a Happy New Year

Wishing You a Happy New Year

Welcome to the new year of 2011! I trust that the Lord will use you and your life in a greater measure than it has been used in the past.

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