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The Powerful Testimony of Darrell Scott

The Powerful Testimony of Darrell Scott

Don’t miss this stirring, powerful testimony of Darrell Scott, father of two victims of Columbine High School shootings in Littleton, Colorado, before the House Judiciary Committee subcommittee on crime.


Priorities in the Christian Life

If the truth were revealed, are you just paying “lip service” to having the proper priorities in the Christian life?


The Most Important Person

Missionary Rick Martin shares a challenging, convicting thought about what is really most important in every area of our lives.


What About Me?

This article is written specifically for teenagers, encouraging them to look beyond their own needs and activities, and to focus on others in their lives.


The Unseen Wind

Though your service to God may go unnoticed by mankind, nothing goes unnoticed by our Heavenly Father. The people that fulfill the role of the “unseen wind” on earth will be recognized in heaven as the “lofty sail.”

I Almost Died

I Almost Died A Few Weeks Ago

Mrs. Trieber shares her “near-death” experience and several practical thoughts to help you with your personal Bible reading.


Shake Well – Product Settles Naturally

Sometimes, the best thing that can happen to a Christian is for the circumstances of life to “shake them.”

Revival or Survival

Revival or Survival?

This must-read article contrasts the difference between the Christian who is living in a state of personal revival or merely daily survival.

Promises Promises Promises

Promises, Promises, Promises

Bro. Apusen recounts the day when he chose to swear allegiance to America and become a citizen of this great land. He gives a few important reminders for anyone who has moved to our contry from another land.

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