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Common and Egregious Errors

Job seekers make a series of common and egregious errors. Here is the accumulated wisdom of three longtime coaches, Sarah Stamboulie, Anita Attridge and Ellis Chase:   1. Giving out references that don’t sing your praises You don’t want a reference to damn you with faint praise. Ask if the person is willing to say […]


FOCUSED individuals: •    Who can add value to an organization •    Who are organized with their thoughts •    Who communicate well with thoughts, ideas and concepts. •    Who possess team spirit. •    Who exhibit flexibility in the job. •    Who display commitment to the job. •    Who are on time for the interview. •    Who […]

Local Businesses

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Obtaining Your Guard Card Some companies will pay the fee required for you to enroll in the guard card training course so it is important that you ask about it while applying for jobs. If you are responsible for obtaining your own guard card, you will need to call 408.246.8585 or go online to […]


Job Search Helps

These resources are provided to help the students of Golden State Baptist College secure employment.

Stop Messing Up Your Job Search

Stop Messing Up Your Job Search in These Ten Ways When New York career coach Sarah Stamboulie was working at financial services firm Cantor Fitzgerald in the human resources department some years ago, she was about to hire a support staffer. At the final stage in the process, she called the woman’s last employer, expecting […]

Job Interview Information

Get all the advice you’ll need to ace it by checking out our complete library of job interview information. Learn how to prepare, answer common (and not-so-common) interview questions.

A note from Dr. Hans Nikoley

Dear Student, Welcome to Golden State Baptist College. We are excited about your being here and want to do all we can to help you in any area we can, especially in the matter of seeking a job. Now that you have arrived, the next important step is to begin immediately to seek employment. We […]

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